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Plush Cartoon Vegetable Keychain, 5 Vegetables

Plush Cartoon Vegetable Keychain, 5 Vegetables

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"Veggie Vibes" Keychain Plushies🌽

Celebrate the magic of farm-fresh produce with these delightful vegetable keychain plushies! Small in size but brimming with charm, each vegetable keychain promises a burst of fun and freshness. Attach them to your bags, keys, or any other accessory for a quirky touch.


  • Farm Fresh Varieties: With five different vegetables to choose from, there's one for every veggie lover out there!

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium PP cotton, these keychains feel soft to touch and are built to last.

  • Easy Care: Spills and smudges? No worries! These keychains are machine washable. Just remember to use a gentle cycle and pop them in a mesh laundry bag for added protection.

Dimensions (Width x Height):

  • Cabbage: 9x5.5 cm (3.5x2.2 inches)

  • Bamboo Shoots: 10x6 cm (3.9x2.4 inches)

  • Corn: 10x6 cm (3.9x2.4 inches)

  • Cauliflower: 8x8 cm (3.2x3.2 inches)

  • Green Onion: 13x4 cm (5.1x1.6 inches)

Add a sprinkle of playfulness to your daily routine with these "Veggie Vibes" plush keychains. Whether it's the sweet corn or the crunchy bamboo shoots, each vegetable has its unique personality, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

Collect them all or gift them to friends and family. These cute veggies promise to be the perfect companions, adding a dash of joy and color to your day. Grab your favorite or mix and match – and let the veggie fun begin! 🥦🌽🎋🥬🍠


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