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Plush Emotional Hard-Boiled Egg, 9" | 23 cm

Plush Emotional Hard-Boiled Egg, 9" | 23 cm

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Rise & Shine with the Hard-Boiled Egg Plush Toy! 🍳

Introducing the most egg-citing friend you'll ever have: our Hard-Boiled Egg Plush! This isn't your average breakfast buddy; it's a burst of morning sunshine in plush form!

Why You'll Adore This Plush:

  •     Sunny Side Smile: Split open to reveal a beaming yolk that's sure to make your day. Who knew breakfast could be this adorable?
  •     Perfectly Plush: Standing proud at 9 inches (23 cm) tall, it's the ideal size for hugs and snuggles. Made with soft fabric and filled with fluffy PP cotton, it's a squeeze sensation!
  •     Wobbling Wonder: Equipped with two cute stubby legs, watch this egg giggle and wobble, bringing joy and laughter wherever it goes.
  •     Vibrant & Animated: From its cartoonish charm to its animated expressions in six fun designs, this plush toy adds a touch of whimsy to any setting, be it on a shelf, bed, or desk.

Ideal for All Ages:

Kids and adults alike can't resist the goofy allure of this plushie. Whether it's playtime in the kitchen or just a snuggle at bedtime, our Hard-Boiled Egg Plush promises endless entertainment.

A Delightful Decor:

Who says toys can't double as decor? This plush egg brings a pop of playful energy to any room. Set him on a shelf, table, or bedside for a delightful dose of fun.

Make Every Day an Egg-stravaganza! 🌟🥚

Let this jolly yolk buddy bring a chuckle to your mornings. Dive into a world of fluffy fun and whimsical wonders with the Plushie Produce Hard-Boiled Egg Plush. It's not just a toy; it's a ray of sunshine in cozy form!

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