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Plush Food with Eight Plush Mini Dolls: Four Food Choices

Plush Food with Eight Plush Mini Dolls: Four Food Choices

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Fruity Playtime Pillow Plush Toys

Unveiling our all-new Fruity Playtime Pillow Plush Toys – the cutest, coziest, and most playful addition to any room! Choose from four fabulous fruity designs: avocado 🥑, strawberry 🍓, banana 🍌, or carrot 🥕.


  • Variety of Choices: Pick your favorite fruit or veggie, each with its adorable plush companions!

    • Strawberry: Comes with mini strawberries 🍓.
    • Carrot: Hides playful mini rabbits 🐇.
    • Avocado: Contains the cutest mini bears 🐻.
    • Banana: Filled with mischievous mini monkeys 🐒.
  • Dimensions:

    • Strawberry: 47x55 cm (approximately 18.5x21.65 inches).
    • Avocado: 40x60 cm (approximately 15.75x23.62 inches).
    • Banana: 20x30x60 cm (approximately 7.87x11.81x23.62 inches).
    • Carrot: 40x60 cm (approximately 15.75x23.62 inches).
  • Dual Playtime Purpose: Use as a soft and squishy pillow or bring out the mini plushies for imaginative play.

  • Complete Set: Each item comes with 8 mini plush toys, doubling the fun!

Recommended For:

  • Gift Givers: Looking for that picture-perfect, "WOW" gift? Look no further!

  • Kids & Kids-at-heart: From playtime to bedtime, these plushies are a hit with everyone!

  • Decor Enthusiasts: Add a playful touch to any room with these vibrant and delightful designs!

Turn any time into a fruit-tastic playtime with our Fruity Playtime Pillow Plush Toys. Perfect for playtime and dreams of endless adventures!

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