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Plush Goose Inside a Plush Pumpkin, 12" | 30 cm

Plush Goose Inside a Plush Pumpkin, 12" | 30 cm

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The Plush Pumpkin Goose

When two of the season's most cherished icons come together, the result is a delightful and humorous combination that's bound to be a conversation starter. Here's what makes the Plush Pumpkin Goose an unmissable item this season:

Unprecedented Design:

  • Pumpkin Meets Goose: What's inside your pumpkin? Not just seeds and pulp but an adorable goose plushie waiting to greet you!

Intricate Details:

  • Velvety Pumpkin Perfection: An exterior that's so detailed it's hard to believe it's not a real pumpkin!
  • A Peek-a-Boo Goose: The cuteness multiplies with the goose's head playfully peeking from the top and its webbed feet dangling below.

Optimal Size:

  • Perfect for Any Space: Measuring around 11.8 inches, this plushie isn't just a toy; it's a seasonal decor piece that can enhance any room during the festive season.

For All Ages:

  • Kid-Friendly Fun: Children will be endlessly entertained by the unexpected twist on their usual plush toys.
  • Adults Can't Resist: Even grown-ups won't be able to help but chuckle at the wacky combo, making it a perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

Wave goodbye to the same old seasonal decorations and embrace the Pumpkin Goose Plush Toy. It's zany, it's fun, and it's a perfect piece of autumn-inspired decor! 🍁

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