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Plush Ice Cream Cone Dog Sniffing Toy, 5" | 13 cm

Plush Ice Cream Cone Dog Sniffing Toy, 5" | 13 cm

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Ice Cream Cone Sniffing Toy 🍦

Delectably Delightful: Give your fur baby a treat without the calories with this scrumptiously soft ice cream cone toy! The cheery "scoop" sports a friendly face, while the cone promises crinkle-filled joy.

Clever & Cute Design: With a detachable scoop and cone compartment, this toy doubles the fun. Fill the cone with treats and then pop the scoop back on to let your pup enjoy a game of "find the treat!"

Stimulating Play: Nosework and problem-solving are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated. This toy is designed to challenge their sniffing skills and reward their cleverness with hidden treats.

Quality Craftsmanship: Made from premium materials, including soft fleece, plush, and filled with cuddly cotton, this toy guarantees durability and comfort during play.

Dimensions: Perfectly sized for most pups, it measures approximately 5.1 inches in height and 2.4 inches in width (13 x 6 cm).

Versatile Entertainment:

  • Treat Hideaway: Stuff with their favorite snacks for a sweet surprise.
  • Tug & Play: Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand some playful tugging.
  • Cuddle Companion: The soft and cozy textures make it perfect for snuggle time.

Flavors of Fun: Whether your pup's preference is minty fresh or sweet strawberry, there's a scoop flavor to suit every canine connoisseur.

Treat your furry friend to some ice-cold fun with Plushie Produce's Ice Cream Cone Sniffing Toy! A delightful combination of play and treat time, this toy is set to be a hit in doggy households everywhere. Get ready for wagging tails and excited barks! 🍦

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