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Plush Jumbo Squishy Chicken, 8-35" | 20-90 cm

Plush Jumbo Squishy Chicken, 8-35" | 20-90 cm

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Introducing... The One and Only: Squishy Chicken! 🐔

If you're on the lookout for something delightfully squishy, incredibly soft, and undeniably fun, look no further than the amazing Squishy Chicken!

Why Everyone's Raving About Squishy Chicken:

  • It's Simply Squishy: Sometimes, life needs a little more squish, and this chicken delivers just that. Give it a squeeze and feel the happiness rise.

  • Child's New Best Friend: With its size comparable to a 3-year-old child, it's the perfect companion for little ones. Watch as they go on endless adventures together!

  • Double Duty Delight: Not just a toy, it's also the perfect snuggle companion on a cold night or a supportive backrest during a long read. Squishy Chicken has got your back (literally)!

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Created with the softest plush material and filled with premium PP cotton, Squishy Chicken promises quality cuddles for a long time.

Gift Idea Extraordinaire:

Whether it's a birthday, a special celebration, or just because, Squishy Chicken is the gift that keeps on giving. With its universal appeal, it's loved by kids and adults alike.


Squishy Chicken isn't just a toy or a pillow; it's an experience. It's joy, comfort, and fun all rolled into one adorable package. So why wait? Bring home the squishiness today! 🐔❤️🛍️


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