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Plush Light Up Boba Tea with Glowing LED Lights, 10-14" | 25-35 cm

Plush Light Up Boba Tea with Glowing LED Lights, 10-14" | 25-35 cm

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Glowing Plush Boba Tea: Light Up Your Nights with Cuteness! 🥤💡

Introducing the most enchanting drink you've ever laid eyes on - the plush boba tea! With its soft glow and adorable design, this plush is both a cuddle buddy and a night light.

Comes in Two Sizes:

  • Small Glow (10" / 25 cm): Perfect for those looking for a subtle, warm ambiance in their space. Ideal as a bedside lamp or a decorative piece.

  • Big Brightness (14" / 35 cm): Larger in size for a more pronounced glow. A standout piece sure to grab attention.


  • Strawberry Blush: A dreamy pink cup adorned with cute strawberry stitches, embodying the flavor of a strawberry milk tea.
  • Classic Boba Brown: A rich brown cup, reminiscent of classic milk tea, accompanied by iconic black boba balls stitched at the bottom.
  • Strawberry Boba Fusion: The best of both worlds - a pink cup paired with the classic brown boba ball stitches.


  • Illuminated by soft and safe LED lights that give a serene glow.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Easy functionality: Simply press the button at the top of the straw to switch on or off.
  • Made with plush, soft material for that added touch of coziness.

Whether you're a bubble tea enthusiast or just in search of unique lighting for your space, this plush boba tea lamp is the perfect blend of function and fun. Let it be your glowing companion during nighttime reads, movie marathons, or simply as a comforting presence. 🥤

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