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Plushie Produce

Plush Picnic Basket Pet Sniffing Toy, 7" | 17 cm

Plush Picnic Basket Pet Sniffing Toy, 7" | 17 cm

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Plushie Produce Picnic Basket Sniffing Toy

Lay Out The Blanket For Some Indoor Fun:

Picnics aren't just for parks anymore! With Plushie Produce's adorable Picnic Basket Toy, every day can be a picnic day for your furry pal. Bring the excitement of outdoor feasting right into your living room.


🧺 Interactive Playtime: Hide kibble or small treats inside the soft, fuzzy picnic basket. Close and watch as your pup works their way to unlatching the front and diving into their surprise-filled picnic!

🧺 Sensory Stimulation: Equipped with a variety of textures from the soft basket to the fleecy "blanket", it's a sensory feast for your pet. They'll love biting, tugging, and pawing at their picnic setting.

🧺 Engaging Sounds: The crinkles and rustles emulate the thrill of a real outdoor picnic, keeping your dog entertained and on their toes (or paws!).

🧺 Ample Size for Play: With dimensions of approximately 17 x 12 inches when opened, there's plenty of room for your dog to explore, fetch, and play solo games with their picnic basket.

🧺 Quality Assurance: Constructed with durable, bite-proof materials, this toy promises longevity and endless refilling sessions.

Spotlight: Who said picnics are seasonal? This Picnic Basket Toy ensures year-round picnicking pleasure, come rain or shine. The hidden treat challenge combined with the play elements of the toy ensures your dog remains active, happy, and mentally stimulated.

Experience the joy of picnicking indoors! Plushie Produce's Picnic Basket Dog Toy combines the whimsy of a traditional picnic with the challenge and fun of an interactive dog toy. So, spread out the blanket and let the tail-wagging fun begin! 🐶🧺

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