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Plush Lifelike Sliced Orange/Durian, 6-11" | 16-27 cm

Plush Lifelike Sliced Orange/Durian, 6-11" | 16-27 cm

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Lifelike Orange/Durian Plushie

Unwrap nature's bounty, plushie style! Introducing our Sliced Fruits Plushie collection that brings a dash of zest and a pinch of fun to your space or playtime.

Spotlighted Features:

  • Vivid Designs: Choose from our exquisitely crafted designs:

    • 🍊 Sliced Orange: With its sun-kissed hue and intricately detailed pulpy texture, it's a slice of sunshine that never goes out of season.

    • 💛 Sliced Durian: Embrace the 'king of fruits' in its cuddliest form. Our durian plush captures the iconic spiky exterior and the golden, creamy flesh inside, minus the strong aroma!

  • Premium Quality: Woven with soft plush material and filled with high-quality PP cotton, these fruit plushies ensure a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and coziness.

  • Assorted Sizes: Ranging from a cute 6" (16 cm) to a generous 11" (27 cm), you can pick the perfect size for playtime, decoration, or both!

  • Versatile Charm: These plush fruits make for:

    • Adorable Plush Toys: A great playtime companion for kids, offering a tactile experience along with imaginative play.

    • Novel Decor: Enliven your kitchen, living space, or even a café with these quirky and cute fruit plushies. They add a playful touch to any food-themed space.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Designed to be durable, these plush toys can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or cloth with mild soap and water to keep them looking fresh. Please do not machine wash.

Whether you're a fruit enthusiast, a plush toy collector, or someone searching for a unique gifting idea, our Sliced Fruits Plushies are the perfect pick!

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