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Plush Hot Dog Dog, 12-22" | 30-55 cm

Plush Hot Dog Dog, 12-22" | 30-55 cm

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Hot Dog Dog: The Ultimate Plush Pal 🌭🐶

Unleash the fun with our Hot Dog Dog plush toy! It's a delightful fusion of your favorite puppy and classic comfort food. Soft and undeniably adorable, this plush buddy will become your go-to for heartwarming moments.

Product Features:

  • Quirky & Cute: A delightful plush dog tucked inside a plush hot dog bun, complete with mustard detailing.
  • Ultra Soft: Made with premium plush material for the softest squeezes and cuddles.
  • Choose Your Size: Whether you want a pocket pal or a full-sized buddy, we've got you covered. Available in three sizes: 11.8" (30 cm), 15.7" (40 cm), and 21.7" (55 cm).


  • Design: Dog in a hot dog costume.
  • Sizes: 30 cm, 40 cm, and 55 cm.

Let the Hot Dog Dog be your cozy companion during movie nights, lazy afternoons, or any time you need a burst of joy. It's the perfect plushie for dog lovers, foodies, and everyone in between!

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