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Plush Sad Grape Boba Tea, 20" | 50 cm

Plush Sad Grape Boba Tea, 20" | 50 cm

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Grape Boba Tea Plushie

Who says boba tea is just for drinking? Introducing our Grape Boba Tea Plushie, the latest sensation in the plushie world as of 2022! With its vivid purple hues, delicately embroidered tears, and whimsical grape boba designs, this plushie is a must-have for boba enthusiasts and plush toy collectors alike.


  1. Lifelike Design: Beautifully crafted to resemble your favorite grape boba drink.
  2. Ultra-soft Texture: Made with premium plush material, ensuring maximum coziness.
  3. High-Quality Stuffing: Filled with 100% PP cotton for that squishy, huggable feel.
  4. Adorably Expressive: With its cute teary eyes, this boba plushie is bound to melt hearts!
  5. Versatile: Whether it's nap time, playtime, or décor time, this plush fits the bill.

Size Guide:

  • Big: Stands at 1.6 ft (50 cm), approximately the height of a Beagle or comparable to the size of a newborn baby.

Perfect For:

  • Boba Lovers: Elevate your boba experience by cuddling with this plush after sipping on your favorite drink.
  • Kids and Adults: Its charming design appeals to people of all ages.
  • Gift-giving: Looking for a unique gift? This plush toy makes for an unforgettable present.

Care Tips:

  • Spot clean using a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Keep away from sharp objects.

Dive into a world of cuteness and boba love with our Grape Boba Tea Plushie. Its teary-eyed expression might suggest it's longing for a sip of real boba tea, or perhaps it just wants a cuddle from you! 🍇

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