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Plush Thin Strawberry Boba Tea, 10-20" | 25-50 cm

Plush Thin Strawberry Boba Tea, 10-20" | 25-50 cm

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Thin Strawberry Boba Tea Plush Toy

This strawberry boba tea plush toy is super soft and comfortable! This boba tea plushie is perfect for play or display, coming in sizes suitable as a playtime companion or as a chic piece of decor. Relax in comfort with this delicious strawberry bubble tea plush toy.

A Touch of Strawberry Comfort: Introducing the perfect blend of comfort and cuteness, our plush strawberry boba tea! Crafted to brighten your day, this charming plushie will be your favorite companion, whether you're sipping a real matcha or simply taking a break.

Finest Quality: Adorned with adorable boba details, this strawberry tea plushie showcases a soothing shade of pink and a delightful boba straw with ice cubes and boba balls, evoking the essence of the real drink. Made from top-notch plush materials, it promises lasting softness.

Utility and Cuteness Combined:

  • Decor: A fun companion for your desk or shelf. Add a piece of whimsy to your space and share your love of your favorite drink.
  • Playtime pal: Durably designed, this boba tea plush toy is a playtime pal that will last for years to come.
  • Gift: Plush toys are welcome gifts for that special someone, for the boba tea lover, or for the plush toy collector. Plush toys are welcome gifts for any occasion.

Pick Your Preferred Size:

  1. Small Strawberry Boba Plushie:

    • Height: 10"/ 25 cm
    • Comparable to the petite stature of a Chihuahua
  2. Medium Strawberry Boba Plushie:

    • Height: 1.6 feet/ 50 cm
    • Standing as tall as a Beagle, it's perfect for bigger hugs!

Experience a sip of serenity with our strawberry boba tea plush toy, masterfully designed to cater to both your love for boba and your need for comfort. Whether you're a tea enthusiast or a plushie aficionado, this delightful creation is bound to capture your heart. 🍵

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