Plushie Produce is your online Farmer's Market for plush foods.


Fruit Plushies Fruit plushies are classic Plushie Produce. Relax with a plush... 


Dessert Plushies Ice cream cones, macarons, and marshmallows are just a few... 

Bread and Eggs

Bread and Egg Plushies Whether in need of a smiling baguette or... 

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Why Plushie Produce?

It's a fun pillow to help you better rest; a unique piece of decor in a food or outdoors-themed space; or, it's a chance to make new memories with your pet or child. Who can forget the time your dog went ham on a plush turkey, or when your child tried to play with a plush avocado twice it's size?

Whether you need to scratch that itch to squish a pig, or you want a cow body pillow as tall as an 8-year old, we've got you covered.