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Plush Jumbo Realistic Dungeness Crab, 10-30" | 24-75 cm

Plush Jumbo Realistic Dungeness Crab, 10-30" | 24-75 cm

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 Jumbo Realistic Dungeness Crab Plush Toy🦀

Venture beneath the waves and onto the sandy ocean floor with our realistic Dungeness Crab plush toy! Designed to captivate with its lifelike appearance, this plushie is an excellent gift for marine enthusiasts or for anyone who fancies unique and quirky plush toys.

Key Features:

  • Lifelike Appearance: Designed with intricate details to resemble a real Dungeness Crab. From its symmetrical claws to the distinct patterns on its shell, every feature ensures authenticity, making it ideal for use as a prop, an educational aid, or a piece of decor in a marine-themed space.

  • Ultra-Soft & Cuddly: Though it looks like a crab from the ocean, its texture is soft. Made from premium plush materials, this plush toy promises warmth and comfort.

  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Precision stitching ensures that the plush toy can withstand lots of play. Its durability means it can be a companion for years to come.

  • Size Variants:

    • Small: 10" (25 cm)
    • Medium: 14" (25 cm)
    • Jumbo: 24" (60 cm)
    • Extra Jumbo: 30" (75 cm)
  • Measurement Precision: The sizes are determined from the right leg to the left leg, passing through the center of its body, ensuring an accurate measurement.

Bringing the Ocean Home:

Whether you're a marine life enthusiast or searching for a distinctive gift, this Dungeness Crab plush toy is perfect. Dive into the world of plush marine life and introduce your loved ones to this exceptional crabby companion! 🦀

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