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Plush Animals in a Jumbo Watermelon Wedge, 7 Animals, 1.8-3.1' | 55-95 cm

Plush Animals in a Jumbo Watermelon Wedge, 7 Animals, 1.8-3.1' | 55-95 cm

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Whimsical Watermelon Wonders - Cozy Companions with a Twist! 🍉

Ever imagined what would happen if your favorite animals had a watermelon feast? Well, these furry adventurers took their love for watermelon a bit too far and found themselves cozily nestled inside one! Presenting a collection of plush toys that are not just cute but incredibly functional.

Meet the Gang:

  • The Pink Rabbit: A blend of cotton candy dreams and watermelon vibes.

  • The White Rabbit: Radiating innocence and brimming with fluffiness.

  • Husky: The icy-eyed adventurer that couldn't resist a bite!

  • Piggy: Perfectly pink and fittingly found in a watermelon.

  • Shiba Inu: Bringing a dash of mischief and a splash of color.

  • Graceful Cat: Always curious, this feline couldn't help but dive in!

  • Charming Penguin: An icy bird meets a summer treat!

Quality & Functionality: Expertly crafted with premium plush material, these watermelon wonders promise not just visual appeal but also tactile comfort. The firm build ensures they remain in shape, making them ideal as body support pillows. Whether you're reading, sleeping, or just lounging, they've got your back (or your front)!

Size Guide:

  • Large: Measuring 1.8 feet or 55 cm, it's roughly the stature of a playful Beagle. Suitable for snuggling or as a decorative piece.

  • Very Large: At a whopping 3.1 feet or 95 cm, this size is comparable to a 3-year-old toddler or the width of a twin-sized bed. Perfect for those who love their plushies big and comforting!

Gifting & Usage: A delightful gift for both kids and adults, these unique plush toys serve dual purposes. Play with them during the day and use them as relaxation pillows by night. They're sure to be a conversation starter and a source of endless cuddles.

Dive into Whimsy: Add a splash of fun and a wave of comfort to your space with these adorable watermelon-encased furry friends. They're the perfect blend of playfulness and practicality! 🐾🍉💕

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