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Plushie Produce

Plush Ice Cream Milkshake, 11" | 27 cm

Plush Ice Cream Milkshake, 11" | 27 cm

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Plushie Produce's Milkshake Plush Toy 🥤

Jump into a world of softness and sweetness with our delightful Milkshake Plush Toy. No calories, just fun!

Design Details:

  • 🍦 Whipped Delight: With a lavish topping and a cute striped straw, this milkshake plushie mimics the real deal.
  • 🌸 Frosty Print: The cup's vibrant exterior showcases an illustrated ice cream print, offering a visual treat.
  • 🌟 Pillowy Filling: Dive into the embrace of the squishy polyester filling that feels as fluffy as a real milkshake is creamy.

Size & Comfort: Measuring a striking 10.6 inches tall (27 cm), this milkshake pluishie is the perfect partner for kids and adults alike.

Versatile Fun:

  • Playmate: Kids can indulge in imaginative play with this jumbo-sized treat or even use it as a comfortable backrest during storytime.
  • Decor Delight: For adults, it's an amusing and attractive addition to any room, blending fun with functionality.
  • Perfect Pillow: Soft and plump, this plush toy is perfect for a midday nap.

Dreaming of dessert without the guilt? Dive into the cuddly embrace of Plushie Produce's Jumbo Milkshake Plush Toy. With its lifelike design and soft-to-touch feel, it promises a swirl of smiles. So, why wait? Grab yours and shake up the fun! 🥤

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