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Plush Jumbo Green Avocado Boba Tea, 9-28" | 24-70 cm

Plush Jumbo Green Avocado Boba Tea, 9-28" | 24-70 cm

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Jumbo Green Avocado Boba Tea Plushie 🥑

Dive into a world of adorable quirkiness with the Plush Jumbo Green Avocado Boba Tea. Infusing the allure of creamy avocados with the bubbly sensation of boba tea, this plush toy offers a delightful visual and tactile experience.


  1. Avocado-Boba Fusion: An innovative design that merges the aesthetic of a ripe avocado with the playfulness of boba tea, topped with a straw to add authenticity.

  2. Multiple Sizes: This plushie comes in a range of sizes - 9"/ 24 cm, 14" / 35 cm, 20" / 50 cm, and 28" / 70 cm - ensuring there's a perfect fit for every boba and avocado enthusiast.

  3. Vivid Embroidery: Detailed embroideries of boba pearls and mini avocado slices provide added texture and enhance the toy's cuteness quotient. Also available in two fun facial expressions.

  4. Ultra-Soft Material: Made from plush fabric that feels soft and cuddly, this plush toy promises countless snuggles.

  5. Sturdy Design: With expert stitching and premium materials, this plush toy is designed to last, ensuring long-term companionship.

Ideal For:

  • Boba tea aficionados who want to showcase their love for the bubbly beverage in a unique way.
  • Avocado enthusiasts who can't resist anything associated with the creamy fruit.
  • A charming gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a spontaneous gesture to brighten someone's day.
  • Decorative element for themed parties, cafes, or children's rooms.

In a world where avocados meet boba, this Jumbo Green Avocado Boba Tea Plushie stands as a testament to creativity and whimsy. Whether you're gifting it or getting it for yourself, it's bound to bring a smile to everyone's face! 🥑

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