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Plush Jumbo Crocodile: Three Colors, 2.6-5.9 ft | 80-180 cm

Plush Jumbo Crocodile: Three Colors, 2.6-5.9 ft | 80-180 cm

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Jumbo Crocodile Plushie 🐊

Introducing our jaw-droppingly delightful Jumbo Crocodile Plushie, designed to capture the majesty of nature's famed predator, yet with a twist of plushie charm!

Available in Nature-inspired Hues:

  • Dark Green: A rich, forested shade reminiscent of the croc's natural habitat.
  • Light Green: A soft, vibrant tone capturing the playful essence of our plushie friend.
  • Grey: A chic, neutral color that complements any home decor.

Tailor-Made Sizes for All:

  • From snugly petite versions to the massive ones, find the perfect size to match your cuddling needs. With lengths spanning from 31.5 to a whopping 70.9 inches (80 to 180 cm), there's a plush crocodile for everyone!

Quality Beyond Compare: Crafted meticulously with an ultra-soft short plush exterior and a heart of fluffy PP cotton, every inch of this reptile radiates coziness.

For the Little Explorers: Imagine your child's glee when they have a gigantic crocodile as their playtime companion! From lounging to imaginative adventures, this jumbo friend is up for it all. And when tiredness kicks in? They have the comfiest body pillow waiting!

Stylish and Soothing for Adults: Beyond the child's room, this croc finds its place in a contemporary living room, serving as an innovative floor cushion or a quirky sofa accent. Feeling stressed? A big squeeze of this plushy is bound to bring a smile.

Journey into the World of Gentle Giants! Why settle for ordinary when you can have a life-sized crocodile that's all about the love and none of the bite? Dive into a sea of comfort with Plushie Produce's Jumbo Plush Crocodile and let the waves of warmth envelop you!

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