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Plush Jumbo Decor Chicken, Four Colors, 12-31" | 30-80 cm

Plush Jumbo Decor Chicken, Four Colors, 12-31" | 30-80 cm

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Farmhouse Fun: Chicken Plushie Collection

Introducing our delightful range of chicken plushies, designed with vibrant colors and crafted with soft materials to make them your perfect cozy partners. Let their presence bring a touch of farmyard fun to your home.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Choices: Pick from our charming varieties:

    • Yellow Chicken: Features a sunny yellow body with a striking orange head and tail. A burst of sunshine in plush toy form!
    • White Chicken: Comes with a pristine white body complemented by a vivid red head and tail. Classic and eye-catching.
    • Red Stripes: Perfect as a piece of summertime decor, this chicken plushie features a white body and red head and tail.
    • Polka Dot: A fun fall favorite, this chicken has a white body and polka dot head and tail.
  • Size Options: Find the perfect fit for your space or preference:

    • Small (30 cm/11.8 inches): Compact and cute, this size is easy to carry around and perfect for smaller spaces.
    • Medium (40 cm/15.7 inches): A mid-sized plush that strikes the right balance between presence and portability.
    • Large (50 cm/19.7 inches): A sizable companion that promises to be a standout piece in any setting.
    • Jumbo (60 cm/23.6 inches): Standing 2 feet tall, this chicken is as tall as a standard door is wide.
    • Super Jumbo (80 cm/31.5 inches): This super jumbo-sized chicken is taller than the average kitchen table.
  • Soft and Snuggly: Made from high-quality plush materials that are soft to the touch, ensuring comfort during those long play sessions.

  • Ideal Gift: Whether it's for a birthday, special occasion, or just because, these chicken plushies make for a delightful present for both kids and adults. These chickens are also excellent pieces of seasonal decor around your living space.

Feather Your Nest:

Bring home these chicken plush toys and let them infuse your space with their cheerful vibes. Their vibrant colors and adorable design promise to be a hit with everyone. Choose your favorite or collect them all for a feathery fun ensemble! 🐔

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