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Plush Super Jumbo Realistic Yellowfin Tuna, 2-4.9' | 60-150 cm

Plush Super Jumbo Realistic Yellowfin Tuna, 2-4.9' | 60-150 cm

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Super Jumbo Yellowfin Tuna Plushie 🐟

Get ready to embark on an oceanic adventure right from the comfort of your home with our Super Jumbo Yellowfin Tuna Plushie. Modeled after the Yellowfin Tuna, a globally recognized species found in tropical and semi-tropical open oceans, this plush toy is not just big in size but also in charm!


  1. Realistic Design: Captures the beautiful coloration and form of the Yellowfin Tuna, bringing the ocean's magnificence into your space.
  2. Gigantic Sizes: Ranging from the height of a Siberian Husky to the actual size of an adult yellowfin tuna, we have a size for everyone.
  3. Versatile Use: Perfect as a children's plaything, a unique gift for marine lovers, or as a cozy body pillow.
  4. Premium Quality: Crafted with soft plush material and filled with 100% high-quality PP cotton, ensuring it’s plush, durable, and huggable.


  • Material: Soft plush exterior, 100% high-quality PP cotton filling.
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 2 ft /60 cm ~ height of a Siberian Husky.
    • Medium: 2.6 ft /80 cm ~ height of a Golden Retriever.
    • Large: 3.3 ft /1 m ~ height of a 4-year-old, or the width of a twin-size bed.
    • Extra Large: 4.1 ft /1.25 m ~ height of 10-year-old, or the max height of a Great Dane.
    • Real Tuna: 4.9 ft /1.5 m ~ height of a 15-year-old, the width of a queen-size bed, or the length of a real adult yellowfin tuna.

Get ready to make a splash with this massive marine masterpiece with the realistic yellowfin tuna plushie! 🐟

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