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Plush Green Cartoon Snail, 11-16" | 28-40 cm

Plush Green Cartoon Snail, 11-16" | 28-40 cm

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Plush Escargot - A Cozy Companion from French Culinary Delights 🐌

Discover a soft, plush version of a classic French culinary favorite! This adorable escargot plush toy brings the essence of the renowned French dish right into your living space.


  • Adorable Design: Crafted with love, our plushie snail captures the charm of land snails, showcasing delightful details from its corduroy shell to its big, playful eyes.

  • Soft & Snuggly: Made of premium plush material coupled with corduroy, it offers a velvety touch, making it a delightful snuggle companion.

  • Multiple Sizes: Whether you want a compact companion or a more significant snail buddy, choose between the small size at 11"/28 cm or the large at 16"/40 cm.

  • Versatile Use: While perfect as a plush toy for children, it also serves as a unique piece of decor, adding a touch of whimsy to any room. Nature lovers, culinary enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a unique plushie will find it irresistible.

  • Gift Idea: Looking for a one-of-a-kind present? This plushie escargot is sure to be a hit, be it for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

Embark on a Culinary Journey - Sans the Butter and Garlic! With this green snail plush toy, you can savor the charm of French cuisine without heading to a bistro. Whether you're reminiscing about a trip to Paris or introducing someone to the wonders of escargot, this plushie pal is the perfect pick! 🐌

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