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Plush Koala Drinking Boba Tea, 3 Flavors, 14-24" | 35-60cm

Plush Koala Drinking Boba Tea, 3 Flavors, 14-24" | 35-60cm

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🐨 Koala Boba Tea Plushies 🥤

Absolutely Adorable: Is there anything more endearing than a koala bear? How about a koala bear relishing its boba tea! Dive into the cute world with these delightful koala plushies, expertly crafted from high-quality materials. They're not just plushies; they're a statement of charm!

Boba Tea Varieties: These koalas have a sophisticated palate, seen relishing a range of bubble teas. Pick from:

  1. 🍏 Apple
  2. 🥭 Mango
  3. 🍓 Strawberry

Perfect for Multiple Uses: Whether it's a special gift for a loved one, a snuggly toy for a child, or a quirky piece of room decor, these koala boba tea plushies are versatile and always hit the mark.

Choose Your Preferred Size: Match the plush size to your preference or space:

  1. Small: Stands at 1.1 feet/35 cm, about the height of a Shih Tzu 🐕
  2. Medium: Measures 1.5 feet/45 cm, roughly the height of a Beagle 🐶
  3. Large: Reaches up to 2 feet/60 cm, akin to the height of a Border Collie 🐾

Add a dash of joy and whimsy to any space or occasion with these koala boba tea plushies. Their impeccable design and plush feel make them irresistible. So why wait? Bring home a koala today and let the cuteness overflow! 🐨🥤🎁

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