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Plush Jumbo Pair of Pears, 1.6-2.6' | 50-80 cm

Plush Jumbo Pair of Pears, 1.6-2.6' | 50-80 cm

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The Perfect Pear Plushie: Double the Comfort, Double the Fun! 🍐

Introducing the Perfect Pear Plushie, a delightful duo designed to add a burst of joy and comfort to your space! Whether you're looking for quirky room decor, a cuddly buddy for movie nights, or a snug pillow for a siesta, this pear pair plushie has got you covered. It's a plush pair of pears!


  1. Adorable Design: Two different facial expressions on the two pears
  2. Functional & Fun: Ideal as throw pillows or standalone decor pieces. Their wide design ensures they provide ample back support.
  3. Child-Friendly: The smaller size is perfectly tailored for kids, making it a great playmate or naptime buddy.
  4. High-Quality Material: Made from soft plush fabric and filled with 100% PP cotton, ensuring durability without compromising on softness.

Size Guide:

  • Small:
    • Height: 1.6 ft / 50 cm
    • Size Reference: Similar in height to a beagle 🐶.
  • Medium:
    • Height: 2 ft / 60 cm
    • Size Reference: As tall as a border collie or your typical end table 🪑.
  • Large:
    • Height: 2.6 ft / 80 cm
    • Size Reference: Stands as tall as a golden retriever or slightly surpasses the height of an average kitchen table 🍽️.

Enhance your comfort and interior aesthetic with these delightful Perfect Pear Pillows! 🍐

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