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Plush Beer Mug with a Cow or Fox, 15-23" | 38-50 cm

Plush Beer Mug with a Cow or Fox, 15-23" | 38-50 cm

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Animal Brew: The Plush Beer Mug With A Twist! 🍺🦊

Why settle for ordinary when you can sip on something extraordinary? Introducing the "Animal Brew" – a delightful fusion of plush beer mug fun and a either sly little fox or cow peeking out. With its mix of quirky design and comfy plush, this beer mug offers a whole new dimension of enjoyment!


  • Sizable Sip: Towering at up to 20 inches (50 cm), this plush beer mug isn’t just about the looks; it’s ample enough to be a statement piece.

  • Cunningly Cute: The plush fox and cow, with its attentive gaze, gives this beer mug an extra layer of character and charm.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made from luxuriously soft and fuzzy plush material, filled with premium PP cotton, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and a comforting touch.

  • Colorful Choices: The fox doesn't just come in one color. Choose from three different hues to match your personal taste.

  • Cheers to Chatter: Its unique design promises to be the talking point of any gathering.

Gift Suggestion: Perfect for beer enthusiasts, plush lovers, or those with a penchant for the peculiar. Makes a wonderful present for celebrations, special events, or just because!

Why Pick "Animal Brew"?:

  • Versatility: More than just a decorative piece, it serves as a comforting plush toy too.

  • Safe for All: Manufactured with non-toxic materials, it's suitable for fox fans of all ages.

  • Built to Charm: With its robust construction and enduring charm, "Animal Brew" promises to stay fresh pint after pint.

Note: "Embrace the perfect blend of playful and plush with the 'Animal Brew'! Let this delightful mug add a touch of whimsy to your evenings. Because with a fox in your beer, every hour is happy hour!"

Cheers to the most fun brew around! Dive into a world of fun, froth, and cows and foxes with this one-of-a-kind plush mug. 🍺🦊


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