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Plush Cartoon Dragon Fruit, 12" | 30 cm

Plush Cartoon Dragon Fruit, 12" | 30 cm

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Dive into the Exotic with Plushie Produce's Jumbo Plush Dragon Fruit! 🌴

Enter a realm of tropical enchantment with our delightful Jumbo Plush Dragon Fruit! Seamlessly blending the allure of the exotic fruit with the comfort of plush, this one-of-a-kind buddy is the perfect fusion of whimsy and warmth. Adorning its plump body is a radiant pink exterior, while a cheerful cartoon face peeks from the white "pulp", making every squeeze a journey to joy.

Flavorful Features:

🌴 Vivid Appearance: An authentic replication of the dragon fruit with a delightful plush spin!

🍉 Super-Sized Snuggles: Standing proudly at 11.8 inches tall (30 cm), there's more to love and hug!

🌈 Cartoon Fun: A heartwarming cartoon face amidst the fleshy white pulp, turning every look into a smile.

For Every Age and Stage:

Kids will be drawn to its playful design, imagining tropical adventures and creating stories with their new fruity friend. Adults, on the other hand, will find it an instant mood booster – an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle, doubling as a delightful décor addition and stress-relieving squish.

Sumptuous and Snuggly:

Whether you're curling up with a book, watching a movie, or just daydreaming of far-off places, this plush dragon fruit promises to be your softest, squishiest companion.

With Plushie Produce's Jumbo Plush Dragon Fruit, you're not just getting a plushie, you're embracing an experience. An emblem of tropical charm and plush perfection. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have a slice of the extraordinary? Order now and let the tropical tales begin! 🌴


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