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Plush Large Cartoon Apple, 10" | 25 cm

Plush Large Cartoon Apple, 10" | 25 cm

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"Happy Harvest": The Plush Cartoon Apple with a Friendly Worm! 🍎🐛

Who said only real apples are delightful? Dive into a world of cuteness with our plush cartoon apple! With a cheerful face and a little plush worm companion peeking out, it's bound to bring a smile to anyone's face!


  • Ideal Size: With a 10" (25 cm) diameter, it's a size that fits perfectly in two hands, making it an excellent cuddle companion or decorative piece.

  • Adorable Design: This apple doesn't just look happy – it spreads happiness! Its joyful face, complemented by the little worm buddy, brings a touch of playfulness and whimsy.

  • Soft & Durable: Made from the finest PP cotton and a plush outer layer, it feels heavenly to touch and promises lasting durability.


  • Great Prop: Looking to add some fun to your photos or videos? This apple makes for a quirky and cute prop!

  • Perfect Gift: Whether it's for a child or an adult, this apple plushie is an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

  • Playtime Buddy: For the little ones, this apple promises hours of imaginative play and fun stories with its wormy companion.

Note: "An apple might keep the doctor away, but this plush apple keeps gloom at bay! It's a delightful addition to any room, ensuring there's always a bit of sunshine, even on cloudy days. Bring home this cheerful apple plush today and let the joy overflow!" 🍎🌟

Get your dose of happiness and cuteness combined in one with our plush cartoon apple. Perfect for all ages, it promises love, laughter, and lots of cuddles! Order now! 🍎❤️🐛


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