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Plush Long-eared Rabbit, 16" | 40 cm

Plush Long-eared Rabbit, 16" | 40 cm

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Cuddly Long-Eared Rabbit Plush Collection 🐰

Leap into a world of fun with our Cuddly Long-Eared Rabbit Plush! With its droopy ears, soulful eyes, and adorable expression, it's designed to melt hearts and become an instant favorite. Perfect for bunny enthusiasts and plush collectors alike!


  • Perfect Size:

    • Snuggle Bunny: At 40 cm, it's the ideal size for hugging, cuddling, and taking on adventures.
  • Vibrant Varieties:

    • Gray Whiskers: A lovely muted gray, perfect for those who adore neutral shades.
    • Pretty in Pink: A gentle pink hue for a touch of cuteness.
    • Bouncy Brown: A deep, rich brown reminiscent of chocolate treats.
    • Whimsical White: A pure, snowy shade that's simply enchanting.
  • Attention to Detail:

    • From its blushing cheeks to the intricate stitching, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted for maximum charm.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made with plush material that's soft to the touch and stuffed just right for the perfect squeeze.

  • Safety: Constructed with securely attached features, making it safe for loved ones of all ages (but always supervise younger kids).

Ideal For:

  • Gifts: A bunny-tastic present for birthdays, Easter, or any special occasion.

  • Decor: Its neutral design complements various room themes, adding a soft touch to beds and couches.

  • Comfort Companion: Great for kids and adults alike to cuddle with during downtime.

Maintenance: Hand wash recommended with mild detergent. Allow to air dry and avoid wringing.

Hop into a world of comfort and cuteness with our Cuddly Long-Eared Rabbit Plush. Don't miss out, grab yours today and indulge in bunny-filled dreams! 🐰

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