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Plush Realistic Holland Lop rabbit, Two Colors, 10.5" | 27 cm

Plush Realistic Holland Lop rabbit, Two Colors, 10.5" | 27 cm

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Realistic Holland Lop Rabbit Plush Collection 🐰

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with our Realistic Holland Lop Rabbit Plush Toy! Mirroring the charming appearance of the beloved Holland Lop breed, this plushie is perfect for rabbit enthusiasts and those who appreciate lifelike details in their cuddly companions.


  • Just the Right Size:

    • Petite Pal: At 10.5" / 27 cm, this rabbit is designed to be the perfect handheld size, easy to carry around and snuggle with.
  • Beautiful Color Options:

    • White & Gray Delight: A harmonious blend of white and gray, capturing the unique coloration of some Holland Lops.
    • Brown & Black Beauty: A classic mix of brown and black, replicating the natural shades of many Holland Lops.
  • Lifelike Details:

    • From its floppy ears to the gentle curve of its back, every element has been carefully designed to replicate the real thing.
  • Top-Quality Material: Made with premium plush material that feels silky and soft against the skin.

  • Safety First: All features are securely attached, ensuring safety for users of all ages (always supervise younger children).

Perfect For:

  • Gifts: Wonderful for birthdays, special occasions, or simply to surprise a rabbit lover.

  • Collectors: Those who appreciate realistic plushies will adore adding this to their collection.

  • Comfort: Ideal as a soothing companion during moments of relaxation or bedtime.

Care Instructions: It's recommended to hand wash with a gentle detergent. Air dry and avoid excessive wringing.

Experience the joy of having a Holland Lop right in the palm of your hand without the responsibilities of pet care! Secure your Realistic Holland Lop Rabbit Plush Toy today and bask in its unparalleled cuteness. 🐰

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