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Plush Simulation Pizza, 10 Varieties, 16" | 40 cm

Plush Simulation Pizza, 10 Varieties, 16" | 40 cm

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Lifelike Pizza Pillow Plushie 🍕

Unleash the ultimate fusion of fun and comfort in your living space. Whether you're a pizza lover or someone who enjoys novel food-themed home décor, these simulation pizza plushies, perfect as throw pillows, are sure to capture your heart.

Features to Savor:

  • Realistic Appeal: The plushie covering boasts a hyper-realistic picture of a pizza, making it look almost good enough to eat. Every topping, from olives to peppers, is depicted in vibrant detail.

  • Generous Size: With a diameter of 15.7" (40 cm), this plush pizza pillow is equivalent to a real-world large pizza! It's an ample size for snuggling or accentuating a couch.

  • Premium Filling: Stuffed with high-quality PP cotton, these pizza plushies promise softness and durability. Rest assured, they're designed for countless pizza parties and movie nights.

  • Versatile Use: Perfect as a throw pillow for your sofa, a decorative piece for your bedroom, or even as an amusing gift for a pizza aficionado. They're also an excellent fit for restaurants, cafes, or any food-themed space.

  • Easy Care: While you can't pop this pizza in the oven, you can easily care for the pillow by spot cleaning or using a gentle wash cycle.

Get ready to add a zesty twist to your décor with our pizza plushies, perfect as throw pillows. They're not just a treat for the eyes, but also a delight to touch and hug. So, why wait? Order a slice of comfort and quirkiness for your home today! 🏠

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