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Plush Stemmed Roses, Nine Colors, 13-33" | 32-85 cm

Plush Stemmed Roses, Nine Colors, 13-33" | 32-85 cm

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Stemmed Rose Plushies🌹

Who says flowers fade? Introducing plush-stemmed roses that stand the test of time. Bursting in vibrant colors and crafted with impeccable detailing, these roses bring charm and novelty to your decor.


  • Wide Variety: Available in a stunning palette of nine colors - green, red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, sky blue, and light red - choose your favorites or mix and match for a multi-hued bouquet.
  • Different Sizes: From petite to tall, these roses come in four sizes: 13" (32 cm), 18" (45 cm), 26" (65 cm), and 33" (85 cm). Pick the perfect size for your space or gifting needs.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made with plush material and filled with cotton, each rose exudes quality and comfort. The attention to detail makes them look realistic and plushy at the same time.

Why Plush Roses?:

  • Enduring Beauty: Unlike real roses, these plush versions don't wilt, fade, or droop. They'll remain fresh and vibrant forever.
  • Versatile Gift: Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, or just because! They can also serve as a sympathy gift, offering comfort and warmth during tough times.
  • Low Maintenance: No sunlight, water, or pruning required! These roses are hassle-free and will brighten any space instantly.

Gift a loved one or treat yourself to a bouquet that lasts. These stemmed rose plushies are a testament to enduring beauty and affection. 🌹

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