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Plush Autumn Turkey Holiday Decor, Two Styles, 6" | 15 cm

Plush Autumn Turkey Holiday Decor, Two Styles, 6" | 15 cm

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Seasonal Autumn Turkey Plushie Home Decor

Step into the holiday spirit with our dressed-to-impress turkey plushies, ready to add warmth and charm to your seasonal fall décor.

Pick Your Poultry:

  • 🦃 Pilgrim Turkey: Classic with its signature pilgrim hat and buckle.
  • 🦃 Holiday Turkey: Ready for the chilly weather, dressed in a snug hat and scarf.

Perfectly Sized:
Standing proudly at about 6 inches tall (15 cm), these cozy companions are a perfect fit for any festive setting on a table or shelf.

Texture That's a Treat:
Soft, fuzzy exteriors paired with fluffy cotton stuffing make these turkeys not just a visual delight but a treat to touch and feel.

Rustic and Heartwarming:
Their hand-embroidered facial expressions and crafted styling resonate with the heartwarming essence of the harvest season.

Where to Place:
From shelves and table settings to cozy nooks, these turkeys add a sprinkle of seasonal magic wherever they go. And yes, they're kid-friendly, making for cute play pals too!

Dive into the spirit of fall and spread autumnal cheer in every corner with Plushie Produce's Turkey plushie decorations. Let the nostalgia flow and the festivities begin! 🦃

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