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Sports Ball Bean Bag Plushie Organizer | Stylish and Functional

Sports Ball Bean Bag Plushie Organizer | Stylish and Functional

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Sports Ball Bean Bag Plushie Organizer

Keep your space tidy and sporty with our Bean Bag Plushie Organizer, inspired by the universal love for sports! Whether you're a soccer fanatic or just someone looking for a unique storage solution, this is a must-have item.


  1. Dynamic Design: Bold soccer ball graphics, making it a fun addition to any room.
  2. Versatile Storage: Ideal for storing plush toys, quilts, clothes, towels, and more.
  3. Double Functionality: Acts as a cozy bean bag chair and a spacious storage solution.
  4. Easy Access: Comes with an extra-long zipper for convenient stuffing and retrieval.
  5. Quality Craftsmanship: Constructed from durable cotton linen and soft polyester for lasting use.

Size Guide:

  • Medium: 18" (46 cm) diameter with a storage capacity of approximately 26 gallons (100 liters).
  • Large: 26" (66 cm) diameter boasting a storage capacity of over 40 gallons (150 liters).

Comparison with Striped Bean Bag Plushie Organizer (sold elsewhere on Plushie Produce). From smallest to largest:

  • Smallest to Largest: Small (Striped), Medium (SPORTS EDITION), Large (Striped), Large (SPORTS EDITION).

Perfect For:

  • Sports Lovers: Elevate your sports-themed room or den with this fun organizer.
  • Space Savers: Ideal for those who want to declutter without sacrificing style.
  • Gifts: A unique gift idea for soccer enthusiasts or kids who love plush toys.
  • Functional Home Decor: Merges seamlessly with room aesthetics while offering practicality.

Care Instructions:

  • Recommend spot cleaning with a gentle detergent.
  • Do not bleach or machine wash to maintain its shape and design.

Get ready to kick clutter to the curb with our Sports Ball Bean Bag Plushie Organizer. Not only will you have a novel storage solution, but you'll also have a comfy bean bag chair to relax on. Two goals in one shot! ⚽🥅

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