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Plush Jumbo Smiling Avocado, 12-24" | 30-60 cm

Plush Jumbo Smiling Avocado, 12-24" | 30-60 cm

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Avo-look at this! Introducing the most huggable avocado ever! From its soft creamy texture to that adorable, beaming smile, this plush toy is a dream come true for avocado aficionados everywhere. Whether you're a health junkie, a food lover, or just someone who enjoys adorable plushies, this cutie-patootie is perfect for you! 

📏 Here's the size guide for our avo-buddies:

  • Small:  8" (20cm) ~ as tall as a fluffy Pomeranian 
  • Medium:  12" (30cm) ~ same height as a spirited Chihuahua 
  • Large:  16" (40cm) ~ standing as high as a lovely Pug 
  • Larger:  18" (45cm) ~ the stature of a sturdy Bulldog 
  • Super Large:  24" (60cm) ~ equivalent to a nimble Border Collie or the average height of an end table 🛋️

Crafted with care using the most huggable materials, this plush toy promises countless snuggles and happy moments. Whether you're thinking of gifting it or just want to add a quirky touch to your space, it's an avo-mazing choice! 🥑💚

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