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Lifelike Boxfish Plush Toy, 5" | 12 cm

Lifelike Boxfish Plush Toy, 5" | 12 cm

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Lifelike Box Fish Plush Toy

The boxfish, closely related to the pufferfish, is a group of 23 species of fish found primarily in tropical waters. The boxfish are known for their box-like appearance and honey-comb-like patterns on their skin. In nature, boxfish range in size from 3-18" (8-46 cm). 

Like all our lifelike plushies, this lifelike boxfish resembles the real boxfish as closely as possible, but entirely in plush. Perfect for fish lovers, as a plaything, or as a piece of home decor.

This boxfish is perfect for play or display, measuring 5"/12 cm, within the size range of real boxfish.

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